Our service

ISHIGAKI service experts work together with customers to maximize the stability and efficiency of their plant operations.

ISHIGAKI provides technical support, on-site services, commissioning, testing, spare parts for all its products.

These capabilities are found within our branch offices, subsidiaries and partners in each region to ensure minimal interfaces and maximum productivity.

In addition to traditional maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and spare parts, ISHIGAKI specialists are available to inspect, audit, and recommend process improvements and supervisor for over while maintenance work on customer site.

Spare and wearing parts

Safety and stability of your equipment
High-quality spares that ensure the safety and functionality of your equipment. Our customized Spare and Wearing Parts Solutions help you to improve your equipment's reliability and availability, and support you in optimizing plant performance and total cost of ownership.

We do our best to provide our parts identification, ordering, supply, and demand planning as smooth, efficient, and cost-effective as possible.

Spare parts recommendation
We provide spare part recommendations for our customers to justify their stocking and purchasing decisions. These recommendations make your maintenance planning and budgeting easier by providing information on item categories and drawings.

Spare part kits
We offer spare part kits for specific repairs covering the different stages of your equipment’s lifespan. With exactly the right parts available when you need them, you can replace all the necessary parts more quickly and avoid production losses resulting from the need for additional repairs.

About Ishigaki

ISHIGAKI’s Policy: To continue the development and manufacture of revolutionary filters, separators, pumps and marine propulsion systems.

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