Technical Support

ISHIGAKI fully qualified and experienced technical service staff are available to assist and supervise installation and start-up of our equipment. Maintenance inspections, recommendations and equipment training is also carried out by our professional experts. All procedures will be carried out safely, meeting customer policies and procedures.

To ensure a fast response we kindly ask you to include the following information in your request:

  • Nameplate: type
  • Commission number (if available)
  • Machine number


We provide training programes for our customers as well as our partners

ISHIGAKI training packages are customized for our customers and partners with specific requirements. our training programs will help our customer and our partners understand ISHIGAKI product and maximize its benefits such as optimize plant operations, ensure high-quality, proactive and safe maintenance.


We offer in-depth technical training for the correct service and maintenance of ISHIGAKI equipment and processes, including onsite training on the basic principles of good maintenance and advanced aspects of maintenance management.


Our engineers with years of experience in filtration technologies, provide process training for our partners.

Our partners need to communicate with our customers with empathy, knowledge and professionalism,  our partner or reps are the front door to our customers, they are our company and even our product or service. 


Virtual Experience training is a fast and effective way to train our customers & partners  according to need. Our advanced training simulator provides operators with hands-on operational experience and allows scenarios such as critical equipment failures or process start-up and shutdown sequences to be practiced safely and effectively. It is a time and cost-effective method to train or re-train people for continuously changing process conditions for filtration.

About Ishigaki

ISHIGAKI’s Policy: To continue the development and manufacture of revolutionary filters, separators, pumps and marine propulsion systems.

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