Filter Press Lasta SD

Filter Press Lasta SD

LASTA SD is a horizontal filter press, designed to meet the ever increasing demands of various customers for slurry dewatering.
ISHIGAKI LASTA SD is able to provide perfect cake discharge, efficient cloth wash and short cycle time.


  • High Compression possibilities provide superior dewatering performance
  • Travelling Filter cloth type
  • All press plates
  • Open and close simultaneously

ISHIGAKI LASTA Presses are widely used by many industries in various applications
where “Low Moisture Content” process dewatering is required. The ISHIGAKI LASTA
Press is a Fully Automatic filter press with many unique features.


Fully automatic operation, perfect cake discharge

  • 24hr fully automatic operation with cloth travelling system
  • Discharge less than <3 mm thin filter cakes automatically

High Performance and compact dewatering pressure filter

  • All filter plates open and close at once
  • Short mechanical cycle time
  • Efficient cake discharge and cloth washing
  • High production capacity

Effective and efficient cake washing

  • Top feeding port, effective cake wash and air blow are possible
  • All filter cloths are washed simultaneously at the lower edge of the plate pack
  • No cake residue

Technical feature

  • Filtration area; from 8 m² to 800 m²
  • Compression pressure; from 0.7 MPa to 2.9 MPa

100 Registered and Pending Patents in Japan and Internationally, including the UK, USA, Germany and France

1973 Special Recognition by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade; Excellent Pollution Prevention Machine;
Prize of Industrial Science and Technology by the Director
General Agency; Excellent Energy-Saving Device;
President’s Prize from the Japanese Machinery Federation

Quality Certified: ISO9001 and ISO14001 Approved

Installations: There are more than 1000 installations world-wide in many industries and applications

Lasta SD Details

1. Filter plate pack close
After activating the start switch, the hydraulic power pack pumps oil to the hydraulic cylinder which clamps all the filter plates together and forms each filtration chambers.

2. Filtration
Slurry is pumped via the feeding port to the filtration chambers. The solids remain and the filtrate passes through the filter cloth.

3. Compression
Pressurized water is jnjected behind the diaphragms. The filter cake is compressed and further dewatered.

4. Filter Plate Pack Open
After completion of filter cake compression process, the hydaulic pump operates automatically for driving cylinder and opening the filter plate pack.

5. Cake Discharge
When all the filter plates are opened, all the filter cloths containing discharged cake travel downwards and filter cake is discharged.

6. Filter Cloth Washing
After the filter cakes are discharged, the cake doors close and all the filter cloths are washed on the return travel.

Standard Specification of ISD "Lasta SD"

Flow Sheet


Compression Pressure (Diaphragm)

L 0.7 MPa
H 1.5 MPa
R 2.0 MPa
S 2.9 MPa

Material option

Standards LASTAs
Frame: Structural steel and stainless steel
Filter plate: PP
Diaphragm: rubber
Other materials are available to suit customers’ requests.

Cake wash system

Wash water passes through the filter cake, foreign substances in cake are removed or precious substances in case are extracted.
Normal cake wash: Wash water is fed into each chamber from the top feeding port, passing through the cake and discharged via the filtrate port.
Back cake wash: The wash water is fed from filtrate port of one plate, it passes through the cake and then discharged from the filtrate port of the next plate.

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