ISGK-A is a FULLY AUTOMATIC Continuous Screw press, unique mechanical features generates efficient dewatering performances for municipal and industrial waste water sludge.

ISHIGAKI ISGK screw press was awarded the chairman prize “Certificate of excellence for environmental machinery” by the Japan society of industrial machinery manufactures.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Compact design
  • Continuous & effective dewatering


The ISHIGAKI ISGK-A Screw Press is our latest and most improved design
— the result of our experience
successfully operating more than 600 units in industrial and municipal facilities across the globe.

The recently developed and patented mechanical features generate
higher dewatering efficiency with comparable feed flow/volume and reduce labor and other costs.

In municipal sludge, a 10% cake solids increase can be achieved when compared with other screw press


High feed flow with hich cake solids concentration

  • Adjustable operating parameters for varying feed conditions
  • Continuous high feed flow
  • Adjustable pneumatic cake pressure 

No operator attention required

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Low speed (adjustable <1rpm)
  • Consistent flocculation feeding
  • Screen automatic cleaning during machine is in operation

Health and safety

  • Low operation noise
  • No vibration
  • Enclosed machine for efficient odour removal
  • No messy water flow on the floor

Low Operation costs

  • Robust design and low speed ensures long life with minimum maintenance
  • Low dosage polymer
  • Low power consumption
  • Lower wash water required
  • Filter screens segmented for easy maintenance
  • Flexible screen exchange to accommodate different feed solids
  • All wets parts with stainless steel

Small footprint

  • Reduce investment cost

ISGK-A Details

  • Screw drive
  • Screw
  • Travelling washing shower
  • Perforated screen
  • Cake squeeze device
  • Cake discharge
  • Inspection access doors (shown open)
  • Filtrate discharge

Standard Specification of "ISGK-A"

Flow sheet


Different material and customised design are available on requirement.

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